Thinking of Podcasts? (Shoreditch’s Latest Podcast Studio)

Planning to start your own podcast in Shoreditch, East London? Not sure how to start?  Quaker Street  Space E1 has got it covered for you.

Placed in the heart of East London we have designed a special space for individuals to start their own podcast channel. ​We have super quality sound and visual recording facilities which are ideal for creatives, specialists and start-ups.

Thinking of recording a digital broadcast, visitor meeting or video, then Quaker Street Space can deliver top notch chronicles in the most loosened up settings.  We can advise you on the show layout, structure and consult on any potential avenues for you to take the podcast to gain revenue or audience growth.

Podcasts are the new era for entertainment and business to connect with people. But what exactly are podcasts?

One of the Forbes article written by Joshua  Dudley “ Podcasts are non-music-only audio recorded and saved digitally where it can be listened to anytime, sometimes on a web browser, but usually over a podcast listening app on a mobile device.

A podcast often contains music, but unlike a produced musical track it’s not the primary function. Podcasts are mostly talking and since people talk to each other every day, it’s no surprise that more and more people think about great ideas for podcasts which can be about whatever subject they want.”.

It is like a conversation between people about any latest topic or brand advertisement or story telling like radios but in recorded form when you can hear it whenever you want.

There can be two types of podcast a video podcast and audio podcast. Video podcasts can be watched while you relax where else audio podcast can be listened to while doing your work or travelling.

More posts to follow, as we break down the world of podcasts and vodcasts so that you know exactly what they are and whether you should consider starting a podcast.

Shoreditch Podcast Studio
Podmic in podcast recording room.

Co-Working update..

Do you know Quaker Street Space has been designed specifically for creative multi use? Whether you’re an artist with an exhibition up your sleeve, or a businessperson wishing to share your secrets with a select few in a seminar, we can most likely accommodate. Get in touch via the form on our contact us page for any enquiries!


Have you heard about our Green Hockney?

The Green Hockney

This drink is vegan and packed full of greens and goodness! A protein smoothie made with coconut water, mint, avocado, spinach, glutamine, shiitake, maitake, reishi, cordyceps, bilberries, camu camu, acai berries and pea and brown rice protein.  Now that is a mouthful!


Co-working space update!

We’re very close to opening our doors! Sustainable decor and art pieces from our beloved Shoreditch community is what sets us apart from the rest. Watch this space!

Qima Coffee arriving soon at Quaker Street!

 Quaker Street is set to get a coffee update! Speciality Yemeni Coffee company Qima is our newest roast for 2019.

We are all aware of the humanitarian crisis that has plagued Yemen for so long now – but Yemen hasn’t always been blighted by civil war and famine. They have however, always been excellent producers of the Coffee bean, and the country has a rich history with Coffee that dates back to the 13th century. Qima is intent on restoring Yemen to a level higher than where they currently sit, as 1% of the worlds coffee producers. At one point during the 1700’s, Yemen was thought to have supplied the entire worlds coffee supply. Qima works closely alongside all of their Coffee farmers to ensure the highest standards, but also to provide training and support. Qima pay the highest price to their farmers, which is often double the typical market rate.

The Qima foundation donates 10% of all annual profits to education and agriculture in Yemen. Quaker Street are proud to support a company so involved in giving back, which is something we personally strive for ourselves.

There are several ways you can help with the situation in Yemen, which is increasingly volatile and tragic as of right now.  Donate via the Red Cross or help activist groups pile pressure on our government to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia who are directly involved in the crisis.



Looking back over Christmas..

Back in December we hosted a wreath making workshop next door to the cafe. We love being a hub for creativity! We’ve hosted launch parties, photoshoots, clothing brand pop ups and much more. Could your idea be here next? Get in touch.


Co-working space updates, January

The team at Quaker Street have been working hard over Christmas to finalise our co-working space. 


We have been working with Haxch to bring your perfect co-working space to life in the heart of Shoreditch. Are you as excited as we are?! Stay tuned for more updates.