Haunted house/HyperReality, October

Whilst everybody at Quaker Street is waiting patiently for our co-working space plans to finalise before January, we’ve been thinking of ways to utilise the large area right next to the cafe. It’s available to hire out privately until then, and what could be better suited to the month of October more than a VR take on a classic haunted house..

In collaboration with Realities Centre and Japan Nakama, a potentially terrifying, fun, bizarre and exciting alternate world exists behind the doors of the happy place we know as Quaker Street. You can choose from four different realms, each of them equally as fascinating. If you’ve ever fancied a high adrenaline zombie killing spree with 3 of your best mates, look no further – we’ve got just the trick. If you beat the high score of the day you get 15% off either a Hyper Reality T shirt or Hyper `reality experiences.

Our VR haunted house is running until November 30th, from 1pm until 11pm with different sessions taking place throughout the day. You can find out more information via the Hyper Reality website here.