Hannah Crowe – Communications Editor

My name is Hannah and I’m one of the co-authors of the Quaker Street website. I’m a 20 year old journalism student originally from Newcastle, currently living in South London.

A lover of music, art, reading and writing, on my days off you can usually find me in my pyjamas glued to the news app or the Hold My Juice Box sub-reddit. I love discovering new music and illustrators that I can relate to – one of my favourites is @ThisisAliceSkinner , a talented, witty artist from London that represents all types of women and issues in our society with her sketches and murals.

I thoroughly enjoy listening to people’s stories or problems, and will help where I can. I’m a massive believer in everything in life being intertwined and happening for a reason, although it’s easier to apply this to positive events in our lives. I also love animals, but still eat meat which is something I’m working on!

For myself and many others, Quaker Street is so much more than a place for people to grab a coffee. It’s a place that feels like home for creatives and artists, where community is at the forefront of every decision made. This is becoming increasingly rare in a culture that’s obsessed with the facade of social media notoriety, and not making genuine connections with the people around you. Quaker Street removes this barrier and provides a nurturing and developmental environment for those at the beginning of their creative careers.