Cecile – Barista

Cecile is a Quaker Street Barista who is originally from Marseille in France. She completed a degree in management before starting work in the insurance industry, but after the routine became tiring for her, she decided to travel Australia and Asia for two years before moving to London. She lived in Sydney working in hospitality for a while with the aim of learning English and seeing new things. After saving enough money to travel around Asia as well as Australia, she arrived in London for the first time last year for a few months, but realised how much she loved it and decided to move permanently in March.

What was it like to go from working in the insurance industry to travelling?

It was very different, you know. In the insurance industry it’s an office job and most of the time you’re behind a computer, but working in hospitality we’re always running and moving about and I liked it – I was very hyperactive when I was a child! And I love to talk with people! I also learned how to make coffee and I really like it, and still after 2 years. I need to be around people also!

What did you learn about yourself during your time away from home?

I learned that I’m very adaptable, which I never thought about before I began travelling. I can live with 14 people in a room in a hostel, I can travel with a backpack and live in a van. During this gap year I learned to be more sociable, more open with people and more than anything I’m definitely more open minded.

Is there one thing you want to have achieved by a certain point living in London or working at Quaker Street?

Working at Quaker Street I would like to progress and become a manager! I love Quaker Street. It’s not a coffee shop as any coffee shop – we are trying to build a community which is amazing! I love my team, we’re kind of a family now! I also wish to have a successful professional life in London doing something I really like.

Where do you have next on your list of places to see in the world?

My travel list is endless – I’m always adding new countries to it! I’m planning Brazil for next year, and a city trip to Portugal for the end of this year which is where my boyfriend comes from!