Mr Cenz

One of our very first creatives to be exhibited in Quaker Street was graffiti artist and muralist Mr Cenz. An active member of the street art community since 1988, Mr Cenz has an enormous portfolio of work spanning major cities around the world, with the bulk of his work existing in his hometown of London.

His murals are bursting with colour and movement with many being absolutely enormous installations on buildings and walls – he has even worked on some out of use trains in Germany! His first ever commissioned piece of work was completed at just eleven years old, and after a few run ins with authorities he made an effort to do what he loved legally.

The line between street art and vandalism is difficult to distinguish for many, and the rights artist have over their work aren’t always protected. Recently, retail giant H&M tried and failed to steal work by graffiti artist Revok. Their argument was that since Revok’s work was illegal, he had no legal claim to it himself and they should be free to use it. This ignited a powerful movement within the street art community, and H&M backed down. Thankfully this hasn’t deterred artists from adding colour and life to our streets – creatives like Mr Cenz are as active as ever.